Advertising is a process as old as business itself but, in the same way as the world of business has evolved, so have advertising strategies. For many years, it was believed that advertising a product or service in print, on TV and on the radio was the ultimate combination. However, with the advent of the Internet and online ads and now CRM advertising, those classic methods are quickly becoming outdated. But is this new advertising method and how does it help businesses reach out to more clients? Read below to find out.

How does CRM advertising work?

The idea behind customer management system for advertising is simple: business owners use the data they already have in their CRM platforms to create targeted campaigns for their audience. In other words, software from vendors such as bpm’online, which was already being employed to boost productivity, now provides extra benefits. CRM already empowers managers, giving them complete and accurate data about customers and business-customer interactions. Using all these data, they can create targeted strategies, personalized for each customer. Through regular use of CRM advertising, you can increase the customer retention rate and create better, more efficient marketing campaigns. Advertising is no longer of “how much”, but a matter of “how”. Customer relationship management app for advertising industry allows businesses to work smart, so that even small business owners can spread the word without making huge financial sacrifices.


Increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns with CRM

When it comes to advertising, quality and direction are much more important than quantity and budget. In fact, spending thousands of dollars on large scale campaigns is not the key to success. Funds will not help you if the ads are not targeted and relevant. And this is where CRM can help. Leveraging the power of tools such as bpm’online, AdPlugg and Activity Management System BTL, you can create efficient marketing campaigns without a lot of resources. You already have the data you need; you need only analyze it. You will no longer spend a lot to create ads that nobody sees.



Multi-channel efficiency

Achieving your brand’s full potential has never been easier. With help from CRM advertising tools, you can increase exposure across multiple networks, from the traditional e-mail all the way to social media. CRM tells you where your customers spend their time on the Web, so that you can create targeted ads for those platforms. This way, each and every one of your ads remains relevant and is seen by the target audience.

Automating advertising

Can advertising processes be automated without them losing their quality and becoming irrelevant? Yes, they can, thanks to CRM. Customer relationship management tools already track of all your customer’s orders, so you don’t have to invest in additional solutions for that. They also automate sales process management all the way from start to finish, clearing out the schedule of your sales staff.

Key benefits at a glance


  • CRM advertising reduces advertising costs
  • Helps deliver personalized, targeted campaigns
  • Stay productive with minimal resources
  • Multi-network reach
  • Reporting and analysis features
  • Routine task automation